Sunday, June 14, 2009

Waiting on an order

I am always so excited when I get a new order. I am waiting on one now that I am hoping will turn out to be some great items to share. I always want to touch and hold the new items before buying. I feel like I am taking a chance on orders online. This one coming tho has been a selling I have bought from before. It's the same place I got the Rainbow Agate Rondelles and I LOVE LOVE them!! So..I really have high expectations of this order. Stay tuned and be sure to check out the site to see when the new stuff gets added. I do add some stuff almost daily...but I get more excited over the new things I don't have just yet.

How do you feel about ordering online? I just hate paying those bead store and bead show prices. Just knowing that they are charging for their gas to travel the shows, hotels and their food...forget that!! No overhead

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