Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trouble Getting Started This Weekend I had a long list of TO DO's for the weekend. I am slowly crossing them off the list. I was so amped up and just fizzled out when the time came. Today however, I finally got motivated. I just don't feel like I am getting it done fast enough though. I needed to put in some orders, make things, take pix and then of course my domestic goddess duties are on the list unfortunately.

I did get excited thinking about making some ear wires. I only had some sterling over copper wire and its hard wire. I had to attempt it though. So I made two sets and they turned out pretty good. I posted on Etsy forum to find out what others do to make the ends smooth and got some great responds. Here is a link if you are interested-
The census was to use a cup bur for the dremel. Luckily, I bought my husband a dremel a couple years ago. Things with plugs can be gifts for me too!! They are basic ear wires but better than having to buy some. I enjoyed learning something new too.

I also played around with some more rings. They are not finished but coming along nicely. Don't mind my makeshift ring holder. I think we all have things like this. It saves money! Recycle and Reuse.


  1. Hah, I love your ring holder! How ingenuitive!

  2. Just reading about you doing your work makes me itch to work on mine! Kudos to you for getting things done!

  3. Amazing that you can get work done and also keep a new puppy out of trouble!!