Saturday, June 20, 2009

Got my Order In!!

I got my order in that I discussed in an earlier blog. It is one of two that I have been waiting on. I was so excited about it that I was up pretty late last night. By pretty late I mean I know to some, that is nothing for a Friday. Well, my husband worked overnight at the hospital, so the kids and I just chilled. Of course, they can hang out alot long than I can these days. They are loving the summertime. I had to get up nice and early with my new pup. It's just like having a baby again...curses! Sooo, I was up late making some, what I think, really cute stuff. I bought these Lentil beads. I am in love with them. I added some crystals, made them into charms, and added them to a sterling snake chain. I think these are great gifts. Especially for that person you just aren't sure what to get. I think a new sister in law, co-worker, and daughter in law, etc.

I also made some elegant earrings out of purple Quartz faceted rondelles. I added crystals and some sterling findings. I love them too. I may be keeping a pair of those;)

Today I plan to make several more items, but my head it going crazy with all my ideas. Enough to give me a headache..time for some Ibuprofen. I also have to run to Virginia to pick up my oldest son. Back to having all 4 of them for a day. Tomorrow the youngest leaves for a week. Never ZERO! I wouldn't know what to do w/out someone asking for something.

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  1. LOL, there's never enough time in the day and if there was, there wouldn't be enough energy in the body for it!