Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update On My Photos

Recently, well kinda recently, I posted about a great article I read on a wonderful blog. The post was about photos and this great idea of using scrapbook paper as your background for your photos. Well, I did a few and got some great feed back. My background choices were way to light. I think it was drilled in my head at one point about having a white background. I think that is great for some items and for those who have learned to take some wonderful professional looking photos. I am all about professionalism, but also fun and color.

I have been, yet again, reading the forums and other blogs like crazy. Tons of research has been going on.

The outcome has been much better. One great forum thread said to stay back several feet and use your zoom so you aren't interrupting your light. I refused to try it for the longest thinking that:

A. I needed to be close to my subject for my flash to work right

B. My zoom goes into digital mode after so far and my photos would distort

C. I was right and they were wrong (usually the case..lol)

Well guess what....I was mistaken..not wrong..but mistaken. The zoom is GREAT! The flash doesn't need to be on all the time. When it is on, you don't want to be close to your subject. If you are, the light is only in a small area. Let the flash do its job! In order to do that, you must back away so the light can bounce and hit all around, not just in a small area. Ok so enough babbling..here are a few pics for you to see. The before photos are below on the old post. Tell me what you think.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I am so excited today!! I am now on a fellow blogger side bar! Woohoo!! Is that kind of considered featured..lol? I think that is something we all aspired to be, is featured, am I right? I am so tickled right now. I received a "convo" at my Etsy store and it said this: Check out the side bar on my blog. I added your shop mini :) http://baremoose.blogspot.com/

Yah!! Does this mean more hits? More sales? It doesn't even matter. I am honored! Thanks so much to BareMoose. Here is the wonderful store on Etsy. Check this bracelet out..it is AMAZING!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Spotlight on The Shabby Shop

Ok, so we all have read in tips and tricks about Etsy that the forums are a great way to help with sales and getting noticed, right? I never thought about it being a great way to meet great people with great items. One night I was in the forums and came across a deal I couldn't pass up! The title said ~FREE~ !! What? FREE? Guess what..it was the best thing too. Candles! Who doesn't love Candles? Who can have enough candles? To top it off..the scents offered are fabulous! This post was from The Shabby Shop.

I came across the post June 27th and decided to try the plumeria since I knew I liked that scent. I was so tickled as I always am to get a package and knew I had a few coming but WHAT? My candle just a few days later? What? Wait! Not one but 2! The other was a gift and YUMMY. I not only got my plumeria but I got a tropical fruits soy tea light candle too. I can't decide which one I want to eat, I mean light first. They came in this cute little package with a bow. I could smell the aroma as soon as I opened the package. I looked at my husband with a big grin. I was giggly like a kid in a candy store and knew I had tons of money to blow. I know it sounds a little exaggerated but again, YUM!

I have only lit the plumeria so far. I couldn't stand the thought of them being gone. The great thing with soy candles is that they take FOREVER to burn. That one little tea light burned for hours and still can keep going (thank goodness). The aroma of them just sitting around the house is wonderful. I am thinking of hiding my tropical fruit one for a while.

When you stop by The Shabby Shop you will find tons of fragrances, sizes, shapes, and great prices. There are hearts, cupcakes, sundaes, 2 wicks, tins and the list goes on and on. You will be amazed at what is in this adorable store. Just don't eat the candles when you get them ;)

psssst~Be sure to mention Ann with Love2BInspired sent you when you purchase!! You may be the next one I Spotlight!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cleaning Out! NOW UPDATED!


Who doesn't love a sale? As I stated in my TAGGED post, saving money excites me. This time it's not me saving, it's me clearing out some supplies. Oh how I love to buy them but I have several things I need to clear out to make more room in my shop and for storage sakes. I want to really focus on creating and making pieces again. I have so many pieces I have not photographed or posted. I really need to focus on getting that done.

However, check out the list of items on sale currently. I am going to try to work on getting the rest marked down by this evening. I hope you will take advantage of the savings. Don't forget to check out my DESTASH items too.

Turquoise Tablets
Pink Crazy Lace Ovals
Pink Crazy Lace Coins
Diamond Shaped Florite
7mm Wood Beads w/Design
Sodalite Square Pendant
Red and Green Agate Rondelles
12mm Wood Bead Strand w/Design
8mm Wood Bead Strand w/Design
8x12mm Leopard Print Wood Bead Strand
Stabilized Turquoise Pumpkins
Landscape Jasper
8mm Wood Bead Strand w/Design
Amazonite Pendants Set of 4
16mm Yellow Quartz Beads

Check out the website!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I've Been Tagged!!

BareMoose has tagged me! I have to tell you 10 facts about myself and then tag 10 other blogs. Here is goes:

1. I am a mother of 4 boys, 14, 13, 10 and 9.

2. I just got a new boxer puppy, Zoey (pix are on my blog).

3. I have 2 other rescue dogs, Zack a German shepherd and Lily a Dashund.

4. I love all kinds of music, but prefer alternative rock; you would never know looking at me.

5. I drive a Chrysler Pacifica that I wish was a mustang and sometimes drive like it’s on 

6. I get overly excited when I save a lot of money, especially with coupons.

7. I enjoy camping and any other activities with my guys.

8. I am from Florida but do not like the beach or staying in water for long.

9. I have a large Italian family that includes 2 sisters and 3 brothers, I am the oldest.

10. I am overjoyed and excited my husband got into RN school after 2 years of being in school. It’s almost over babe! Where is my new house?

Here are the 10 blogs I have tagged:

Coriander Seeds
Ao Designs
Big Doggy Bling
Christies Cottage
Eluna Jewelry
Pink Lily Creations
Felted Treasures
For the Love of Cute
Going To Graceland
Handmade Baby Love

Please visit these blogs. When you do, please check all the beautiful Etsy shops. You are sure to find something wonderful!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WHEN I SAY I'M BROKE - I'M BROKE ~ A Cute Email From My Dad!

A little old lady answered a knock on
the door one day, only to be confronted by a well-dressed young man
carrying a vacuum cleaner. 'Good morning,' said the young man. 'If I
could take a couple of minutes of your time, I would like to
demonstrate the very latest in high-powered vacuum cleaners.'

'Go away!' said the old lady. ''I'm
broke and haven't got any money!'' and she proceeded to close the
door. Quick as a flash, the young man wedged his foot in the door and
pushed it wide open..
''Don't be too hasty!'' he said. ''Not until you have at least seen my
demonstration.'' And with that, he emptied a bucket of horse manure
onto her hallway carpet. ''Now, if this vacuum cleaner does not remove
all traces of this horse manure from your carpet, Madam, I will
personally eat the remainder.''

The old lady stepped back and said,
''Well let me get you a fork, 'cause they cut off my electricity this