Saturday, June 20, 2009

I won??

I am sooooooooo Excited!! I won an award! The One Lovely Blog Award. How fun! This award was given to me by April of Eluna Jewelry Designs. Eluna Jewelry is a store on Etsy that has fabulous jewelry pieces. They include Eco friendly pieces not to mention she and I live in the same wonderful state of NC!

You can find her at her site here and her blog here.

I am so happy to get this award and meet other great people on Etsy. I am passing this award on to some great blogs listed below:

  1. Beneath the Rowan Tree

  2. Christie Cottage

  3. Epheriell Designs

  4. Felted Treasures

  5. LillyShayStyle

  6. Sew Gracious

  7. Polymer Clay Chameleon

  8. Emi Kaz's Arts and Beauty

  9. Designing It

  10. Whimsical Jewelry and Accessories

  11. Kayluna Design

  12. love,pixel

  13. Rainbow Swirlz

  14. Art Whims

  15. Twigs & Honey


  1. Congrats and Thank you! Your blog is beautiful and I love the post on your father:)
    Wonderful writing and a great shop...the perfect combination!
    You have a new follower:)