Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh The Fun of Glueing

I am so excited! I got one order in today. Not the one in my previous blog but one for me to play with. I got my blank rings and hairpins. I have some shell/mother of pearl flowers that I am going to glue on them. I also got blank how does a matching set sound? I am going to post some on my website so you can see. Of course, they will be for sale, but so will some of the items I will be using. Girls gotta make some money for the kids to go to camp...ugh!

I am using E6000 glue for these. Seems to be the best glue, so the majority says. Seems that everything I have read says the same thing. I got the Quick Hold Craft glue too but I have not tried it yet. It is by the same company and came in the same pack. They are little samplers. I will let everyone know how these turn out and what I think of the E6000.

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