Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update On My Photos

Recently, well kinda recently, I posted about a great article I read on a wonderful blog. The post was about photos and this great idea of using scrapbook paper as your background for your photos. Well, I did a few and got some great feed back. My background choices were way to light. I think it was drilled in my head at one point about having a white background. I think that is great for some items and for those who have learned to take some wonderful professional looking photos. I am all about professionalism, but also fun and color.

I have been, yet again, reading the forums and other blogs like crazy. Tons of research has been going on.

The outcome has been much better. One great forum thread said to stay back several feet and use your zoom so you aren't interrupting your light. I refused to try it for the longest thinking that:

A. I needed to be close to my subject for my flash to work right

B. My zoom goes into digital mode after so far and my photos would distort

C. I was right and they were wrong (usually the case..lol)

Well guess what....I was mistaken..not wrong..but mistaken. The zoom is GREAT! The flash doesn't need to be on all the time. When it is on, you don't want to be close to your subject. If you are, the light is only in a small area. Let the flash do its job! In order to do that, you must back away so the light can bounce and hit all around, not just in a small area. Ok so enough babbling..here are a few pics for you to see. The before photos are below on the old post. Tell me what you think.


  1. Great Idea to use scrapbook paper. I really don't care for the stark white backgrounds. I'll have to give this a go for my next photos:-)

    Oh and great designs!!

  2. Your pictures look great. I tried using scrapbook paper too and had a good result. Thanks for the tip.

  3. You're definitely getting better. Keep working on new innovative ideas!