Monday, July 13, 2009

Spotlight on The Shabby Shop

Ok, so we all have read in tips and tricks about Etsy that the forums are a great way to help with sales and getting noticed, right? I never thought about it being a great way to meet great people with great items. One night I was in the forums and came across a deal I couldn't pass up! The title said ~FREE~ !! What? FREE? Guess was the best thing too. Candles! Who doesn't love Candles? Who can have enough candles? To top it off..the scents offered are fabulous! This post was from The Shabby Shop.

I came across the post June 27th and decided to try the plumeria since I knew I liked that scent. I was so tickled as I always am to get a package and knew I had a few coming but WHAT? My candle just a few days later? What? Wait! Not one but 2! The other was a gift and YUMMY. I not only got my plumeria but I got a tropical fruits soy tea light candle too. I can't decide which one I want to eat, I mean light first. They came in this cute little package with a bow. I could smell the aroma as soon as I opened the package. I looked at my husband with a big grin. I was giggly like a kid in a candy store and knew I had tons of money to blow. I know it sounds a little exaggerated but again, YUM!

I have only lit the plumeria so far. I couldn't stand the thought of them being gone. The great thing with soy candles is that they take FOREVER to burn. That one little tea light burned for hours and still can keep going (thank goodness). The aroma of them just sitting around the house is wonderful. I am thinking of hiding my tropical fruit one for a while.

When you stop by The Shabby Shop you will find tons of fragrances, sizes, shapes, and great prices. There are hearts, cupcakes, sundaes, 2 wicks, tins and the list goes on and on. You will be amazed at what is in this adorable store. Just don't eat the candles when you get them ;)

psssst~Be sure to mention Ann with Love2BInspired sent you when you purchase!! You may be the next one I Spotlight!

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  1. I love the smell of candles, I have them all over the house. Only problem, hubby laughs at me because whenever we are shopping and we look at the candles, I always say "ooh, what flavor is that?" He say "their not flavors, their scents" I can't help it, sometimes they smell like you could eat them, lol Thanks for sharing.